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Urban Design Typologies, Process and Products

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Urban Design Typologies, Process and Products
“A good city is not a result of individual, independent and selfish decisions”
(Enrique Penalosa, Mayor of Bogota)

The city is a collage of overlapping precincts, places and linkages (Rowe and Koetter, 1978). How should these elements be designed and organized? Is the urban design a product or a process? This book is not only to provide a typology of procedures and products of the urban design field but also to present a number of case studies that illustrate the range of interpretations of urban design.
This book is written by Jon Lang, a master in urban development and design program of University of new South Wales Sydney, Australia. The book is consist of 4 (four) comprehensive parts. Part I is the nature of urban design and urban designing. In this first part, the author discusses the public realm of cities and urban design, urban design process and the evolving typology of urban design process.

Second part of the book provides a clear explanation about traditional urban design process and product. This part is completed with various case studies from around the world.
The core of the book is present in the third part of the book. There are four typologies of current work of urban design process and procedures which are total urban design, all-of-piece urban design, piece-by-piece urban design and plug in urban design. All of these typologies explanation come with number of case studies each.
The future of urban design is the last part of the book. In this part, a visionary thought about urban design is presented.

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Trees Configuration Model for Hot Humid Tropic Urban Parks

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*) Paper Presented on 12th International Seminar on Sustainable Environmental and Architecture (SENVAR) Nov. 2011

 Jono Wardoyo1, Eko Budihardjo2, Eddy Prianto3, Muh Nur4

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Main climatic thermal problems in urban park in hot humid tropic area are how to minimize high solar radiation and to optimize the wind. Trees have potentials in ameliorating urban park microclimate. Trees configuration is one of determining factors to get benefit of vegetation potential in hot humid urban park.

Microclimate simulation of 3 (three) different tree configurations in selected urban park model is carried out with three-dimensional numerical model, ENVI-Met V.3.1 which simulates the microclimatic changes within urban environments in a high spatial and temporal resolution. The simulation results show that an east – west orientation tree line configuration model has a higher temperature reduction compared with the base case model.


© 2011 12th SENVAR. All rights reserved.


Keywords: urban park, hot humid tropic, tree configuration model

  1. 1.                               Introduction


Urban open spaces in hot humid tropic city need to protect from high intensity of solar radiation that bring higher environmental air temperature. It also need more wind velocity to create more comfort condition for pedestrian. Vegetation has potential to reduce environmental temperature. Its form and configuration influence solar radiation, temperature, air humidity and wind of an urban microclimate.

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ENVI-met, Microscale Urban Microclimate Simulation Model

September 16th, 2011 No comments

ENVI-met is a three-dimensional computer model which analyzes micro-scale thermal interactions within urban environments. It is one of the first models that seek to reproduce the major processes in the atmosphere that affect the microclimate, including the simulation of wind flows, turbulence, radiation fluxes, temperature and humidity, on a well-founded physical basis (i.e. the fundamental laws of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics). The software uses both the calculation of fluid dynamics characteristics, such as air flow and turbulence, as well as the thermodynamic processes taking place at the ground surface, at walls, at roofs and at plants.

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Vegetation Configuration as Microclimate Control Strategy In Hot Humid Tropic Urban Open Space

September 16th, 2011 No comments

Jono Wardoyo1), Eko Budiharjo2), Muh Nur3) , Edy Prianto4)

Corresponding Author :

*)Paper presented in International Seminar on Sustainable Environment and Architecture (SENVAR) 2008 KualaLumpur Malaysia


Minimizing direct solar radiation and optimizing wind velocity are factors in designing urban open space in hot humid tropic area. Vegetation has potential to reduce environmental temperature. Its form and configuration influence solar radiation, temperature, air humidity and wind of an urban setting. This study reviews the impact of vegetation in ameliorating the urban air temperature and explores the possibility of vegetation configuration to maximize cooling effect in urban open space.


Keywords: vegetation, open space, microclimate, hot humid tropic

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