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Vegetation Configuration as Microclimate Control Strategy In Hot Humid Tropic Urban Open Space

September 16th, 2011 No comments

Jono Wardoyo1), Eko Budiharjo2), Muh Nur3) , Edy Prianto4)

Corresponding Author :

*)Paper presented in International Seminar on Sustainable Environment and Architecture (SENVAR) 2008 KualaLumpur Malaysia


Minimizing direct solar radiation and optimizing wind velocity are factors in designing urban open space in hot humid tropic area. Vegetation has potential to reduce environmental temperature. Its form and configuration influence solar radiation, temperature, air humidity and wind of an urban setting. This study reviews the impact of vegetation in ameliorating the urban air temperature and explores the possibility of vegetation configuration to maximize cooling effect in urban open space.


Keywords: vegetation, open space, microclimate, hot humid tropic

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